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They're sharing books that are on their keeper shelves. King doesn't plot. Instead, he gives his characters full rein to tell the story their way, then fleshes out the fine points later. This is also my style. I once took a craft class where I was required to plot my story in detail. I was miserable. I quit the class and actually considered giving up writing. Then I happened upon this book. King made me want to write again. My way. Whenever I pick up this little tome, I whisper a silent, "Thank you."

Laura Kinsale's Flowers from the Storm is my go to book if my writing bogs down. In my opinion, her flawless "Oxandrolone Powder India" pacing, beautiful, emotionally Anadrol 300 wrought prose and deft characterizations make this one of the best romance novels ever written. Her stories live on forever in my heart.

Slow Heat in Heaven by Sandra Brown is a steamy, temperature rising contemporary set in a sultry Southern town that pulled me in hard and deep from the very beginning. The chemistry between a hot, illegitimate bad boy and the daughter of a wealthy landowner sizzles from the moment they connect. Brown is so clever with her subtle descriptions, before I knew it, all of my senses kicked in, and I swore I could smell the soggy banks of the bayou.

Here's the blurb about Alanna:

Wolf caught the faint Buy Cheap Jintropin Online scent of cinnabar and roses.

The girl turned her head and stared boldly at him, her "Oxandrolone Powder India" cool demeanor at odds with the fire in her look. And then her lips parted, as if she needed more air. A punch of lust hit Wolf's groin.

There was pure sin in his startling blue eyes.

The moment hung suspended between them, and then expanded as his feral gaze held hers. Stranger? Not to Alanna. He went by the name of Wolf, and he was a legend in these Are Injectable Steroids Better Than Oral parts, known from San Francisco to Boston as a relentless tracker of lost persons.

"No Christmas Like the Present" by Sierra Donovan. That helped me narrow things down a little .

Recipes for Easy Living, Curtiss Ann Matlock. This beautiful, curl your toes read is one of several books set in Matlock's fictional small town of Valentine, Oklahoma. It centers on Corrine, the teenage niece of the heroine from the previous two books. She's been living with her Aunt Marilee, and sparks fly when Corrine's mother comes back into the picture. Fortunately, things have a way of working together for the good in Valentine. The book also gave me the recipe I now use for my yams every Thanksgiving!

If Only in My Dreams, Wendy Markham. Three of my favorite things: time travel romance, Christmas and the 1940s. An actress researching a film role accidentally goes back to the time and place her movie is meant to re create. She meets and falls in love with a man 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron she knows is destined to be killed in World War II. The characters are wonderful, the story is Dianabol Oral Steroid Side Effects charming and poignant and the ending is truly satisfying.

A "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens. The definition of a timeless classic.

Here's the blurb about No Christmas Like the Present:

Lindsay Miller is knee deep in Christmas cards and homemade fudge, but she's never felt more like a Grinch. Why can't Christmas be full of magic, like in her favorite movie, A Christmas Carol?

Enter Fred, a sexy and eccentric stranger who arrives at Lindsay's door out of the blue. Dressed like he just stepped out of a Dickens novel, complete with British accent, Fred claims he's a Messenger, sent from "Headquarters" to help her discover the joy of Christmas. But is Fred an angel from above or just stone cold crazy?

Fred's used to dealing with skeptics. Telling a stranger you've been ordered to inspire holiday cheer is a tough sell. But there's a further complication. Fred's mission is to help Lindsay right the wrongs from her past that have been holding her back. But somehow along the way, they've become wildly attracted to each other and falling in love is not part of the plan. Fred only has 'til the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve to guide Lindsay to the magical future she deserves even if it's a future without him

"Flaming Hot" by Lynn LaFleur. I'm a huge football fan, so this book hooked me right away with its football theme. Ms. Phillips' humor is always a treat to read. And the poodle, Pooh, was a wonderful secondary character.